About us

Emilio & Renato D’Angelo SAS, company owner and custodian of the brand Leadford & Logan, is a converter specialized in the distribution of clothing fabrics.
Emilio & Renato D’Angelo SAS is the protagonist in the import/export of high fashion fabrics, marketed through the channels of a distribution network well articulated and branched throughout the entire national territory and abroad. The company boasts a consolidated experience in textiles, the result of the competence of professionals who work with commitment and passion, with the intent to offer operators in the fashion industry a product of safe and high quality.
Emilio & Renato D’Angelo SAS distributes its brand Leadford & Logan and Products made in the most important brands that operate in the field of high fashion fabrics, with an efficient service of ready to stock that can satisfy in the best way the needs of the clientele.
In witness of a wide and complete offer, it deals with distributing blacks, drapery, Seteria, prints, velvets, lace, embroidery for clothing.
The Leadford & Logan Collections can be shown after appointment by the agents of Emilio & Renato D’Angelo SAS or directly in the showroom open to the CIS of NOLA (Isola 4, Lotto 432), where the staff of the reception will provide all necessary assistance. Our company is present on the market with our brand since 1986, continuing the historical activity of family undertaken already in the last century, always in the textile sector for clothing.
During this long-term activity, the company has developed with considerable commitment, maintaining two fundamental principles.
Seriousness in commercial relations, reliability in respect of commitments, but above all, a cult very for the “fabric”, a true passion transmitted from one generation to another since the beginning of ‘ 900.
The culture of the fabric has been formed over many years and has absorbed the extraordinary growth of the textile sector that has characterized the myth of Italian style.
When it comes to fashion, our country represents a myth of good taste and has very deep roots.
The creation of our style develops through an instinctive passion in the search for “beautiful” in every field of art, culture and craftsmanship.
The tailor, the seamstress, the stylist, when they create a handcrafted product employ the same care of an artist and this makes our products unique, exceptional.
And what do they use for their creations?
The fabric, the protagonist around which revolves around a fantastic world that transmits emotions.
This swirl of activity from the creation of the fabric to the finished garment always revolves around the heart, the natural seat of every emotion.